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Buying a Home With Jay


When buyers get started, they usually know they want a house, but haven’t necessarily determined what they don’t want. I find this a critical part of the process. If you haven’t been out looking at properties yet, or you don’t have a good feel for what type of home and amenities you are looking for, I like to start off in our conference room at my office with the big screen. There we will go through a number of listings and neighborhoods. I will show you different sizes, rooms, styles of homes, etc. and begin eliminating items that don’t work for you. We want to narrow down the choices, but not so much that there isn’t anything left. This process helps me better-understand your priorities.

Then we schedule a day where we go out and play with no expectations. We will tour houses and neighborhoods looking for the best fits for you and your needs. Once we are in a ballpark, we will continue to look online for properties that fit your criteria (and even some that allow us to think outside the box). I don’t just send you automated listings every day. I pick and choose based on your custom criteria. It is easy to add or subtract criteria as we go.

Using Your Lender as Your Advocate

My goal is to make you the best possible buyer you can be. We are in a competitive market and in order to be ready to act when we find the right home and to get your offer to get to the top of the pile, you need to have your financial ducks in a row. That means not only getting pre-qualified, but pre-approved as well. Furthermore, that approval should not only come from the lender, but from underwriting as well (one of the many tricks up my sleeve from my mortgage days). I can even have the lending officer call the listing agent and assure them of your strength as a borrower. When we are in a market with multiple offers, these steps can make the difference between you getting that home and walking away dejected.


I come at contract negotiations from a place of knowledge. Because I know these contracts backwards and forwards, I can easily go to the different points in the contracts that can be negotiated. This way I can work hard for your goals, but also provide concessions to the seller on points that you can be flexible on.

Pending to Close

I will keep you on track with transaction, and your move! I will remind of things such as your change in utilities and help if you if you need a referral to a moving service. I will also make sure that we meet all our contractual deadlines and coordinate the signing with escrow and will, of course, make sure you have keys in hand as expected. Moving under the most ideal situations is still stressful. Allow me to take the reins of the transaction and you can continue to focus on your life and packing up your things. I want you to be excited, not agonizing over the details that I can handle on your behalf.