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I met Jay Adams when he was previewing other condos for one of his buyers, he is very well mannered and prepared.  So when I needed to list my condo out for rent, he is one of the few agents I know who is willing to do the work as the pay is less than 10% of normal sale while the amount of work is about 95%.

Jay delivered with his attention to details during upgrades and staging, knowledge about real estate, the rental laws here, the paperwork plus his overall skill sets from update listing online to negotiations; we have received many inquiries from all over the country instead of just locals (which is the typical results if you do it yourself on Craigslist).  Finally, we chose an international expat as our tenant and we are very thankful from Jay’s help!

Ian – Bellevue

My husband and I were looking for a second home and had retained the services of a Realtor that my husband had used in the past.  After a month or two of looking, and putting in a few offers that were rejected, our Realtor was going out of town for awhile and mentioned that his colleague Jay Adams would be available, should we find any houses we wanted to see while he was gone.  He even joked about how we would probably buy a house while he was gone, because that’s usually how it works out.

Of course as soon as our Realtor left, we found a house we were dying to see and contacted Jay immediately.  Jay took the time to show us the house that day, even though he had an open house scheduled at one of his own listings AND had appointments to show another house….he squeezed us in between.  We were VERY impressed with his dedication.  As it turned out, we liked the house and had Jay write up an offer on it that night!  (poor Jay was very busy!)

After several issues with the pricing and our loan, and going back and forth with the seller, we ended up getting the house.  Jay was a very stable force through all of it…what could’ve easily turned into one party or the other walking away, was salvaged based on Jay’s calm demeanor and knowledge.  ( I must admit, I can be a little high strung in emotional situations and Jay was VERY calming and reassuring!) Jay is incredibly knowledgeable, and I have to say I really enjoyed the house inspection, he and I were there and he took the time to explain everything to me…even just general chatting made me realized his depth of knowledge.

I felt very “safe” with Jay, he was constantly working for us and in our best interests, and his communication skills left me feeling like he was on top of everything.  He NEVER left us hanging…wondering what was going on, he ALWAYS called, texted or emailed every step of the way.  AND when we expressed concern that our original Realtor would be out of a commission (he spent a lot of time showing us houses), Jay explained that they had an agreement and both would be fairly compensated.  He’s a good man, dedicated, smart, and hard-working!

We HIGHLY recommend Jay Adams and guarantee you won’t be disappointed when you use him to purchase or sell your home!

Angie & Chris Nash

I would give Jay my highest recommendation.  Among his many virtues:

1) Honesty – I fully trust him to consider only my best interests in any property analysis or buyer negotiation.

2) Knowledge—is extremely intelligent, well versed in all aspects of evaluating properties’ strengths and weaknesses, including construction trends over time.  His diverse work experience makes him knowledgeable about many topics which may be useful in the process of buying or selling.

3) Patience—Willing to take the time to get to know his clients.  He works diligently to find them a property that best fits their needs at a deeper level, even though taking more time works against an agent’s desire to get paid quickly.  Does not get frustrated when things do not go according to plan.

4) Character—Feels more like dealing with a good friend, someone who goes beyond the call of duty.  If you end up spending more time on a property search than you ever imagined, you want  an agent who is down to earth, someone that you enjoy being around.

I am very lucky to have found Jay.